Welcome to my Design Portfolio

I create objects that invite contemplation about nature, technology, emotion, and the way the Self winds itself around these notions. A main interest of mine is exploring the home as a space to create connections to the shared narrative: our historical, cultural, emotional, and natural narratives as interpreted through contemporary media and manifested in everyday objects such as furniture. It has been widely observed and reported on that the time spent at home is on the rise—as both the personal and the social focus shift to the home, one's home space becomes the primary plane for exploration and expression of the Self. We have reached a point where the mass produced utilitarian aesthetic is no longer appealing. Users are people, and people long for surroundings that express who they are.


My work aims to celebrate technology while staying connected to heritage. I’m looking to explore, in one direction, the ways blockchain philosophy and technology can be incorporated into furniture design. As technology and politics converge in what seems to be the perfect storm of worldwide dissent and rejection of centralized power, the individual and the community rise to the forefront of social consciousness. Products that are produced and live simultaneously in the physical and digital realms could be created/modified/replicated on the blockchain, presenting never-before imagined opportunities for production and distribution.

As part of a wider theme involving the synthesis of physical and emotional planes as expressed in the home space, I’m currently working on a project important to me as a human and as a designer, one that explores femininity, and which aims to promote self-love among women—the Bra Display.

I have long been fascinated by the ways people relate to the body, their own and others’ bodies, both in public and private realms. My first foray into the topic was a group show I curated at a gallery in Brooklyn, entitled Flesh, which traced the ways artists use to address issues surrounding sexuality, nakedness, vulnerability, and aggression—and the instruments they used to do so. Another project sharing this interest is a photo series I’m presenting as part of my portfolio, Femina Magnifica, an exploration of the states of womanhood. There’s significance to the distinctly different ways humans relate to their bodies, including aspects such as body language and style, and the wide range of attitudes we hold from different vantages and perspectives—those of close friends, those from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, those altered by the ebbs and flows of adult relationships, and especially the close and personal perspectives: in my case, witnessing the functional deterioration of my grandmother. It is those nuances defined by where the physical and emotional intersect, colored by translation of personal experience, that I wish to explore.