Having covered subjects as diverse as fashion shows, architecture, and street art as a professional and a fan for over 15 years, I stepped away from professional photography a few years ago. Since then I have been particularly interested in two distinct yet somewhat related subjects - ways in which photography captures emotion and the narrative created when expressions transcend time and context.

The way music evokes a strong emotional response, so does the interplay of color and line against the plane of the image. The subtleties of tone paint a mood that can be felt, not only understood.  I call this Moments of Stillness.

The juxtaposition of a doodle on a wall with its crumbling surroundings is both poetic and gives new life into the old form. Stripping away old context is a way to create a new language of meaning. Street art and accidental and "unauthorized" expression has always attracted me, you can see more recent favorites in the collection from the abandoned Portuguese mansion I recently shot.

When I travel I look for the less explored areas trying to get to the "soul" of the places I visit. Below are some of my favorite places and moments.

***All photography carries my copyright. No reproduction without written agreement.***